Vismo work shoes for the catering industry.

Anyone who regularly works long hours in the catering industry appreciates a good pair of work shoes. Vismo work shoes are a blessing for your feet on such days. Most people who have worn a pair of Vismo work shoes will never want to wear them again. Will you also walk away with work shoes from this top brand from Canada?

Lightweight work shoes from Vismo

It is not without reason that so many people are devoted to these work shoes. They offer many advantages, one of which is their ultra-low weight. Anyone who has ever worn Visma work shoes will recognize the feeling that you hardly feel that you are wearing shoes. This high wearing comfort is undisputedly one of the most important advantages of these work shoes.

Unique: the NRG55 midsole of Vismo work shoes

Speaking of wearing comfort: the showpiece of Vismo work shoes is the innovative NRG55 midsole. This midsole returns 55% energy with every step. That's twice as much as an average work shoe! This means you are significantly less tired after a long working day than with a regular midsole.

Antistatic Vismo safety shoes

Another important advantage of these work shoes is that they are antistatic. This is also referred to as ESD. Antistatic work shoes have a low electrostatic resistance, which means they provide excellent protection against electric shock. To provide sufficient protection, they are also equipped with a hardened nose.

High and low shoes for women and men

Vismo work shoes not only have functional and practical advantages, but also look hip and sporty. has a very extensive range of shoes. Do you prefer to wear high work shoes while working in the catering industry, or do you prefer a low shoe? Are you looking for work shoes for men, or do you need shoes for women? You will find it all in our range!

Order your work shoes quickly and easily online

For Vismo work shoes you have come to a trusted place at At you no longer have to leave your home to order these beautiful shoes. You can buy Vismo work shoes easily and quickly online in our webshop. Do they just not seem to fit quite right? Then you can easily exchange them for the correct size at Do you have any questions? Please feel free Contact contact us, we are happy to help you. That is the service of!