Redbrick work shoes for the catering industry.

In the catering industry your feet have to endure a lot. Working days are often long and in all those hours you quickly walk a lot of kilometers without noticing. Good work shoes make a world of difference, especially on days like these. Good work shoes are not only comfortable, but also provide a lot of support during your work in the catering industry. Redbrick is one of the well-known brands in the range of work shoes.

Redbrick work shoes for women and men

The shoe collection consists of high and low work shoes, for both women and men. Redbrick proves that work shoes can also be fashionable, hip and sporty with their wide range of sneakers. Thanks to the special Cambrelle lining, the Redbricks are very popular in the catering industry. This lining ensures that the shoes are breathable and that moisture dries quickly. Furthermore, these work shoes are known for their comfortable fit and their sturdy, hardened toe.

The S3 safety level of Redbrick work shoes

The fact that these shoes are so popular is also due to the increased S3 safety level. This means that they are extra water-repellent and have special anti-slip soles. In addition, Redbrick work shoes always have a safety toe, anti-static soles, energy-absorbing heels and a super strong, impermeable midsole made of steel or Kevlar.

Work shoes in many colors and sizes

Because no two feet are the same, these shoes are available in many sizes at We also offer you an extensive choice of different colors. There is always a pair of Redbrick work shoes that suit you perfectly chef's clothing suits. If you have any questions about Redbrick work shoes, please feel free to contact us without obligation; we are happy to help you.

Easily order your work shoes online

If you want to buy work shoes, you no longer have to leave your home. At you can order your new Redbricks quickly and easily online. And do you accidentally order a size that doesn't fit quite right? Then you can easily exchange it with us for a good size. That is the service of!

Want to buy work shoes on sale?

In addition to our regular range of work shoes, we also regularly have sharp ones at offers . Our offers are always different. Therefore, take a look at our sale items regularly and discover whether we have suitable Redbrick work shoes on offer for you.