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    Nitras - Nitrile black gloves - powder-free - 100 pieces
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    Gloves Nitrile Powder Free Black 100 pieces - Lifestar
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    Disposables face masks 3 layers (50 pieces)
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    Hendi Vacuum bags with relief - 100 pieces
    from 22,95
    Latex gloves blue (per 100 pieces)
    Hairnets non woven (per 200 pieces)
    Hairnets blue non-woven (per 1200 pieces)
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    Disposables Chef's hats (per 10 pieces)
    from 15,95
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    Fourage hats, viscose crown (100 pieces)
    Disposables Apron (per 100 pieces) - white - 50mµ - 125x80cm
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    Piping bags (per 100 pieces)
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    Fourage hats, paper perforated crown (100 pieces)

    Kokswinkel.nl offers a wide range of professional tools for the kitchen, including nitrile gloves, disposable aprons and chef's hats. These products are indispensable for any professional or home chef who attaches great importance to hygiene and safety in the kitchen.

    With nitrile gloves you protect your hands against bacteria and other harmful substances. The gloves are easy to put on and take off and offer an excellent fit, allowing you to carry out your work in the kitchen comfortably.

    Disposable aprons are perfect for chefs who move a lot in the kitchen. They protect your clothes from grease, sauce and other stains, and can be easily thrown away after use.

    Chef's hats are essential for a professional presentation and hygiene in the kitchen, ensuring that your hair is neatly tidy, but also that the hygiene of the dishes is not affected.

    At Kokswinkel.nl you can buy these products at an affordable price and with fast shipping. We guarantee the highest quality and professionalism.

    Investing in nitrile gloves, disposable aprons and chef's hats is a smart move for any chef concerned about hygiene and safety in the kitchen. Order now at Kokswinkel.nl and take your kitchen performance to a higher level.

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